Welcome to the course!

This will be our course site.  You will be able to receive information here on the course, assignments, policies. and so forth.  You will also be participating on discussion boards, sharing information, and doing a lot of reading on this site. This will also be another way for us to interact with each other in the course.

Below, is a picture from a protest in Tunisia during the Arab Spring.  This picture is from the site: http://www.openideo.com/open/usaid-humanity-united/ideas/storymaker-create-compelling-professional-news-stories-using-only-a-mobile-phone 

Openideo is a open innovation website where you can post a challenge that you would like to see answered through the development of new technology. The challenge must be formed as a question. For example, “How might we gather information from hard-to-access areas to prevent mass violence against civilians?”….More reading!


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