Shirky Assignment

Chapter One
1.)The overall arguments in this chapter is how you are able to talk to anyone through technology compared to pre internet.
2.) Shirky tells the story of a girl named Ivanna who leave her phone in a cab and it gets stolen. She tells her friend and he posts about the stolen phone on a blog and everyone hears about it.
3.) I agree with Clay on how the internet and all this new technology has changed every ones lives.

Chapter Two
1.) This chapter is about the differences between a large company with more employees compared to a smaller company with smaller employees.
2.) This chapter talks about how a smaller company can make more nose with more determined people rather having a big company with a bunch of lousy workers.
3.) I do not know how much I agree with the reading because I think in todays world you have to have a name to be known, so with a small business you would run well, but with a big company they make more money and get their name out there more.

Chapter Three
1.) The overall argument of this chapter is that anyone has the power to blog or talk about something over the internet, so should anyone have that power?
2.) Chapter three was mostly about how people get their news other then news papers or watching the news.
3.) I am really uncertain how I feel about this chapter, people should have the right to say whatever they want and have anyone be able to see it but what is too much to say?


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