Ch.1-3 Summary

Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky gives his readers a reality check on how the internet became embedded into our social dynamics. With smartphones, laptops and the “newest gadget” constantly blooming, there’s no setting back on what technology has in store for us.

It really does take a village to find a phone. We became so accustomed to our modern accessory that we constantly feel our pockets for our gadgets. When we notice that there is something missing during our pocket pat dance as we rush out the door, our first instinct would be to stay still and remember where we last had it. Then the immediate “everyone be quite and someone call my phone!” mentally would arise as everyone would quietly listen for vibrations or a lousy ringtone. But unfortunately for Ivanna, once she realized that she had left her sidekick in a cab it was too late to be running for it. She then reached out to a friend Evan Guttman, a programer in the financial industry to post a reward for her lost sidekick. With his networking and social connections on the internet he created a web page on “the etiquette of returning people’s lost belongings” with Sasha, the newest owner of the sidekick’s picture as a headliner. As the days go by Sasha became stubborn about returning the item that Evan continually post online to update his growing readers on the dilemma. Readers sharing information about the teen to Evan to make his search easier to do. Military officers and NYPD was soon caught in the whirlwind of commotion, investigating the lost property into a “stole property” adjourning into Sasha’s arrest.

Is it true that when the group gets bigger it’s gets difficult to communicate? With so many choices and ideas to choose from, coming up with a solution becomes too complex. So how do we all anchor the community with the same idea? Shirky’s idea of the 3 rung ladder (sharing, cooperate, and collective action) made our social networking an even smaller version of the world. With the abilities to share posts or pictures around the world, it became easier to experience the fun in the pictures. Grouping our social networks just make the world even closer that we already are. Sharing albums, music and etc gave the public to search ideas into bulk. Grouping the events as to one online album for those that missed it.

With all these easy access the internet has been providing us, the more society has been able to obtain knowledge with their surroundings. People constantly blogging or tweeting that it completely changed how news circulate. Everyone is a media outlet hence it’s easier to attract the viewers attention for anything. We are all now armatures of a different profession. We all played detectives, writers, photographers or an anchor man with the use of the internet. It’s now easier to find the nearest restaurants than it is reading their menus.

I honestly agree on how the social mass is greatly moving forward by the minute. With the internet open to everyone, it became an online encyclopedia where you can find anything and everything within minutes. We’ve all been so connected to our devices that we wouldn’t even know what to do without them anymore. See how our own social networks can expand, it gave more time for us to assess our surroundings, always keeping us up to date with anything juicy on the news. I’m not quick to judge because I benefit a lot with internet and I do enjoy having that much power within the palm of my hands.


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