Clay Shirky – Here comes everybody chapters : 1,2,3

Chapter 1:  “It Takes a Village to Find a Phone”

I was drawn into the story immediately. Losing a phone is something that happens to everyone and its something we can all relate to.  When Ivanna teams up with her friend Evan they send an email to her lost phone stating that a cash reward will be given to the returner.  After that does not play out she goes to get a new one.  The author states that Ivanna can easily afford a new one but it is still a nuisance and should not have to happen.  In the young teenage girls case spending money on a nice phone was not an option for her.  The side kick is most likely the nicest phone she’s had, in return helped influence her decision on not granting Evan and Ivanna’s tactful request for the return of her side kick.

I was amazed on how fast Evans page took off and grew and did not slow down.  He mentions at one time he was up to 40 posts a day for 10 days.  He had followers from just random people watching the story unfold to detectives, police officers and even criminal law studying professionals, all willing to lend a helping hand where needed.  Leading to the arrest of Sasha.

Chapter 2:  “Sharing Anchors Community”

1.)  Main arguments in this chapter are the pros and cons of having a large number of workers for a company  vs. a small amount of workers in a company.

2.) How having more people in a “group” or a “Company” can bring different results vs. a company with not as many people. outcomes came to be amount of money spent vs. saved.

3.) I can agree that a small amount of employes has its benefits but so does a company with a lot of employes.  Big decisions can be made with ease when theirs not as many heads trying to think of an outcome.  A successful small company has options to where money goes when not as much needs to go to employes.

Chapter 3: “Everyone Is a Media Outlet”

1.) Shirky goes into the new forms of Media outlets that are not the standard Newspaper or Televisions News channels.

2.) He also goes into how anyone can use them, I relate to todays events how anyone can easily express there opinions   to there friends/followers.



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