Here Comes Everybody Ch. 1-3

Chapter 1: It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

This chapter is how making something public within your community can make a difference on the outcome. When a woman named Ivanna looses her phone in a NY city taxi discovers who may have stolen it, then her friend posts several blogs about the situation at hand. It became an eye opener to people about what’s happening in their community. The relation is very strong from the general public and I do agree with the principals, although I probably don’t agree with all the actions taken.

Chapter 2: Sharing Anchors Community

The larger the group the more problems/outcomes can happen. How by sharing some of your thoughts, images,etc. on the internet may not just affect a community but may make an affect globally. Flicker is mentioned in this chapter and how it changed the way that people can stream or share photos on the internet, by letting anyone connect or add to a specific stream of photos about that topic. The reaction on the community is very positive and informative, people can now see collections of images that were automatically categorized for them.

Chapter 3: Everyone is a Media Outlet.

This chapter talks about different ways to get ahold of new or information, and compares some different ways such as TV vs newspapers and even now the internet. Some people are getting good quality information depending on which resource they use. Another point brought up is how anyone can add to something on the internet, therefore may be making the source unreliable. I totally agree with the writer on this one. I think that the world is so heavily concentrated to the internet ( not to mention everyone has a strong opinion ) therefore you can’t really know if the facts are in fact correct or truthful unless otherwise cited.


One thought on “Here Comes Everybody Ch. 1-3

  1. I have the same reaction to chapter.1. Although it was great that Evan retrieved the stolen iteam it still felt violating that he can attack a teenager online. Regardless whether her actions were wrong, Evan also when the extra mile to push the girl to her place. Even though it feels great to use your social powers to enhance an audience alerting about a situations, he could’ve just let the girl go with an easier punishment.

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