So far my overview of the book is like a toss- up. Shirky is a very well author, I think this because sometimes the way he words things allow me to picture it in my head. I love how he makes the stories suspenseful, cause normal i get bored reading since its not really my thing and it also me to interact with the text more.


Chapter 1 

A girl named Ivanna  left her sidekick in a New York Taxi Cab which hundreds of people do. As she is trying to find her she asks her friend Evan, who was a programmer in the financial industry to create a website to help them locate the phone.

Chapter 2

Shows how groups are very complex, The Birthday Paradox was an example of this, it showed you what is the chance that u and another person share the same birthday.  Shirky describes it,which shows social tools such a Flickr (Sharing) and conversation(Cooperation). 

Chapter 3

Shows how the web changed the ideas of who can be a journalist or a publisher specifically. More broadly, who can be a producer of mass media, because anyone with access with the Internet can now be one.


1)I understand the book is still about technology, but I don’t see how the first three stories connect?

2) What do you think the key concepts where of the first 3?

3) Did u enjoy the book?



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