Shirky Assignment

Chapter 1:

  • The argument of this chapter is the social media how to change social structure and affect more people.
  • The chapter talked about that a woman Ivanna lost her phone in the backseat of cab and a girl Sasha got it. Then, her friend Evan used the Internet to attract groups support and took back phone.
  • I agree with Shirky because social media becomes more and more powerful influence in these years. People can discuss any problems or news in the internet. It increases the social visibility to help each other, just like this story.

Chapter 2:

  • The argument of this chapter is groups are not just simple aggregations of individuals. How to specific organized and control transaction cost is a significant issue for an organization.
  • The chapter talked about that the Flickr is a platform for all over world people to share their pictures in the internet. Flicker don’t organize many activity to aggregate pictures from people, instead self-synchronization and shared of otherwise groups.
  • I agree with Shirky that internet provide different platforms such as Flickr in this story. It could decrease transaction cost and time to aggregate information from different person. The example in this story, each provider put a tag on their pictures, so it will be easy to classify and aggregate pictures.

Chapter 3:

  • The argument of this chapter is why more and more people can publish any events or news on social media even thought they are not professional person.
  • The chapter talked about how the news publisher obtain information and determine whether it is important to publish. Because nowadays each person can publish any information on social media, readers can’t sure the source reliable.
  • I agree with Shirky. I think there are too many information publishing in the internet. We can’t sure the news which is fact or gossip.

2 thoughts on “Shirky Assignment

  1. I agree with you about chapter 1 & 2 especially chapter 2, I love how we are able to use hash tags to meet up with people and see where people are. In chapter 3 I disagree with you because even if there is gossip, there are a lot more ways to get the daily news now compared to just news papers and tv news.

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