Shirky Assignment Ch1-3

Chapter 1: “It Takes a Village to Find a Phone”

1.) This chapter discusses how the internet influences us.

2.) Clay Shirky though this story to illustrate the power of group action is so great, that Ivanna leave phone in the car, and Sasha got it. However, Sasha didn’t want return phone to her, and then her friend Evan use the power of the web to get this phone from Sasha

3.) I agree with new technology and new social media become more and more influence in our life because these tools increased our social visibility. New technology and new social media don’t need to follow the principle of management and flexible open to lets people discussion and found information.

Chapter 2: “Sharing Anchors Community”

1.) The argument of this chapter is how the groups complex.

2.) This chapter use “Mermaid Parade”, ” Indian Ocean Tsunami”, “London Transport bombing” and “military coup in Thailand” to demonstrate people got the photo on the Flicker is more quickly an more fully than traditional institutions and the social media. New technology has caused profound challenge to the traditional organization

3.)I agree Shirky thinking because size of organization become big , inter- organization will become more complex, administrative expenses will increase and then the organization is difficult to maintain.

Chapter 3: “Everyone Is a Media Outlet”

1.) The argument of the chapter is how Internet to break the boundaries of the amateur and professional.

2.) This chapter talked about web change our mind, everyone can be a journalist, photographer or editor because the Internet creates a platform and every people can publish anything at any time.

3.)I think Shirky is right. News was not franchises because every people can publish anything at any time.


One thought on “Shirky Assignment Ch1-3

  1. I disagree about news not being a franchise anymore because I still believe it is. Don’t get me wrong, many people are not part of this franchise, but many still are. Not only newscasters, but many people are taking up publishing news online and sharing it to the world. On top of that, you have people in different countries that can give you live experiences that go on. It can inform people of events going on or cultures of people that need help, such as how we got lots of our information on what was going on in Egypt. We became aware thanks to the “news” people in Egypt were posting and not due to the actual news stations. News is not the typical franchise it use to be, I believe it has evolved due to the technological advances and the use of technology by people. Many people do not watch the news and there needs to be other ways to get tht information. There is still the fact that many people publish news that is false and opinionated. This brings the question, what really is considered news?

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