Shirky Assignment- DJ Lorz

Chapter 1:

  • The text argues about how important and influential the power of social communication via technology is important. Not only that, but how far technology expands and how it connects with everyone.
  • This chapter talks about a women who ends up loosing her phone with a lot of important information, and finds it with the help of her technologically advanced friend.
  • I think that Shirky is right by how quickly we can communicate with the world. I think this is great, not only for events in the story, but with just everyday communication with people. You get to meet people and cultures that you would never probably meet in your typical lifetime. Not only that, but talk in a blink of an eye.

Chapter 2:

  • The argument is this chapter is to explain how difficult  and complex group communication is. There needs to be specific organization as groups get bigger to  keep everything neat and together.
  • This chapter talks about how smaller groups work much better than groups that are growing larger. Shirky also uses examples like Flickr and different explanations to prove his point about how important organization is and what you need to do to have this organization.
  • I think that Shirky is right with his argument because without organizations, things get mixed up and confused. Instead of using Flickr as an example you can use instagram as an example. As instagram grows, there are more and more different hashtags you can use as a type of organization and smaller grouping. Publishing your dog photo for example you may put “#Ilovedogs” where you and many other people post dog pictures for fellow dog lovers like yourself.

Chapter 3:

  • The argument for this chapter argues about how people nowadays can publish “news” to the public with the click of a button. This news can be factual or be gossip having its advantages and disadvantages. Also, the fact there is no privacy with this.
  • This chapter discusses the positives and minuses about the new forms of communication, being able to spread information. With anyone being able to publish something, he explains lots of it does not have the education and professionalism behind it now adays. Not only that, but how much of the things posted now are opinionated and can be false. There is no privacy and anything can be posted.
  • I agree with his statement because lots of internet sites and things you read do not have the research of proof behind it. Many people just post things they think or that they think is true. However, lots of things can be insulting or hurtful to  a person, group, company ect. Furthermore, once something is posted on the internet, it really is there forever for everyone to see.

2 thoughts on “Shirky Assignment- DJ Lorz

  1. I agree with your point on chapter 1. I also think technology and social media becomes more convenient for everyone. People can communicate with everyone at anytime and anyplace through internet. Also, message passing becomes more rapid.

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