Shirky Summary 1-3

Chapter 1:

1. This chapter argues the way technology is used now compared to many years ago.

2. This chapter is about a girl who looses her phone which contains some of her personal information but ends up finding it with the help of technology/Internet.

3. I agree with Shirky because technology has made a big impact in our lives. It can help us in many ways by making things work faster and easier.

Chapter 2: 

1. This chapter talks about how complex organizations can be.

2. This chapter gives examples on how smaller companies can work better than bigger companies.

3. Shirky has a good argument on organizations. I believe that they do help you find what you’re looking for the fastest way possible.

Chapter 3:

1. The argument was on how open technology is and how much information it can reveal.

2. This chapter was basically about the different ways you can obtain every day news or information.

3. I think Shirky is right about how information on the internet can easily be false. It can be hard to tell whether something is true or not.


2 thoughts on “Shirky Summary 1-3

  1. I think your summaries are done very for being short and sweet. The one difference that I have on your reading to mine is in the 2nd chapter. I felt that the chapter was about the larger the group the more complications / outcomes you can have and thought of the businesses as an example. This was good to see because it gave me another view of the text than my own.

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