Here Comes Everybody Ch. 1-3

Konica Sharma
Eng 116,tues

Here Comes Everybody -Chapter 1,2 and 3


Here Comes Everybody -Chapter 1,2 and 3

Chapter 1. “It Takes a Village to Find a Phone”

1.) What I thought of the overall argument was that you can gain help by strangers by using modern day technology such as the internet and social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Blogging. I found it quite amazing because back then you wouldn’t have such privileges if you were in the 1960’s.

2.) Shirky tells the story of a woman named Ivanna and how she forgot her phone in the Taxi cab, she then tells her friends and meets her good friend Evan about it who took action and made it into a cover story.

3.) My initial reaction was, “What type of jerk calls out a 16 year old on the internet?”, I then realized it was for moral reasons and that the 16 year old girl was wrong but I think Evan was wrong, just for the fact he’s an adult and supposed to be more mature, even though he didn’t take any vulgar action against her, so props to him. So I agree with his way of thinking.


Chapter 2 . “Sharing Anchors Community”
1.)  The overall argument in this chapter is to describe how much harder it has gotten to have a simple group communication. It explains how to share stuff on the internet and how to save time when you do everything yourself.

2.)This chapter is about a photo sharing website known as “Flickr”,  and on that website, large cover stories such as “Indian Ocean Tsunami” are covered. People are turning more towards this modern technology than going to traditional newspapers or news channels which affects those organizations to a great extent. This promotes smaller businesses then, because it has the “Do it yourself” feel.

3.) I agree with Shirky to a certain extent, because yes, making up your own smaller business you can spend more time and save money easier while still spreading the news. Even though big name companies are trusted more, I don’t think any harm can be done making your own small business. Now the reason why I can’t agree fully is, how many small businesses can become successful?
ow many small businesses can become successful?

Chapter 3. “Everyone Is a Media Outlet”
1.) The overall argument for this chapter is how people can post any news they want and it literally is a click of a button away to make it viewed by millions of people. This is where gossip and hoaxes can also be spread.People such as celebrities will have no privacy since anything they do can be published on the internet.

2.)Shirky depicts how many different ways news can be spread, whether it’s real news or overall faulty news. He shows that there are many pros and cons to having just average people publish anything they desire. No higher education or licensing is required, which proves not everything you read has validity.

3.) I agree with Shirky to a certain extent, because yes, the media and internet is affecting newspapers but don’t you think modern day technology is a whole lot more convenient than waiting for 6 o’clock news or the morning to read the newspaper? I do agree with the fact on how validity is voided when an average person can publish such big matters on the internet. So people will have to take a risk if they get their information off a non-approved as opposed to CNN or Fox News.


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