Here Comes Everybody Chapt 1-3

Chapter 1:  It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

Chapter one is about how a young girl living in New York lost her sidekick phone in a cab. Then how everyone on the internet from MySpace to Digg got involved from support to just inquiring about the situation. later how a bulletin board was created on-line were people could talk about it. In the end the girl Sasha was arrested for stealing the phone.  This chapter gives great insight to the power of the internet and how people can all become involved in an issue.

Chapter 2: Sharing Anchors Community

This is about how everyone is connected to everyone forming groups. He uses the examples of the birthday paradox where what are the chances of two people in a small group sharing the same birthday or the movie theater example of how you go to a movie at a certain time to see a certain type of movie and it grows and grows. Which leads to him talking about Flickr and how it uses its photo sharing ability from multiple people who make up a group of people who can share images from in this story The Mermaid Parade.

Chapter 3: Everyone Is a Media Outlet

Shirky writes about the differences of professional and unprofessional journalism or reporting that occurs. How information is spread quickly even quicker than news papers or reporters and how its done by amateurs and not big professional new agencies.


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