CH. 5+7 -DJ Lorz

Chapter 5 talks about Wikipedia and why it was so successful compared to a rival website called Nupedia that came out at the same time. The chapter explained how because of how Wikipidia was organized, it was very sucussful and took over the web. Shirt explains that because anyone was allowed to post and edit articles, how it attracted everyone compared to Nupedia where you had to be a professional writer. The way Wikipedia was organized allowed it to seem like a completly open website but kept the control that allowed the website to remain sucussful. Wikipedia will always continue to grow and remain a giant site for information due to its setup.

Chapter 7 talks about how groups that have no organization can be connected to preform excellent with the common awareness. Skirky states that even though organization may seem nonexistent, that people still could be highly organized sharing their ideas and opinions. To support this statement, Shirky talks about a story of a delayed flight and how a women was able to bond with other passengers who had the same thoughts to achieve her goal of an “Airline Passengers Bill of Rights.”

Gladwell talks about how we are told we are in a revolution and how “the new tools of social media have reinvented social activism.” I believe Shirky and Gladwell have stimuli late ideas due to the fact they both realize the huge impact the new social media has had on the world we live in today. Shriky talks more about how the organization is important, but Gladwell shows you more of the positive examples and some negative this new social media age has shown to us. Gladwell used the example of a woman named Bhatia and how he could not find a bone marrow doner that matched him. With the power of everyone being connected in this time period, Bhatia’s buisness partner sent out an email which was then posted on many social media sites and forwarded to people’s contacts. With this mass awareness due to the ability to communicate with the world easily, Bhatia found himself a very rare match. I think both Gladwell and Shirky see the importance of social media and the new found abilities and reaches we have never had before, making anything possible.


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