Clay Shirky Ch 5-7 and Malcolm Gladwell Small Change

Clay Shirky’s overall argument is about personal motivation becoming a group motivation, and today’s new tools(social network) allows more groups to rise and to collaborate. One good example is Wikipedia, a website where users can publish, edit and erase content at any time. Without the complex collections of roles and requirements Wikipedia invited more contributors, and according with Shirky every time new contributors appear more will join in. “Faster and Faster”(161).

Shirky states that a collective action or a group effort can influence any institution. He mentions the event in the East German City of Leipzig where thousands of protesters went to the streets against German Democratic Republic resulting in the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. According with Shirky and with  Malcolm Gladwell(The New Yorker, Small Change) Social Network depicts an important role in today’s society. The new tools of social media have reinvented social activism and have changed the balance of power. People now have freedom of press especially in a communism environment where the state exert control.


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