Shirky (5 and 7) and Gladwell

        In chapter 5, spontaneous division of labor was presented by Shirky’s concept. In general, all of work or labor is distributed by managers. However, the Wikipedia is specific and successful example that expounds in chapter. The Wikipedia doesn’t mandatorily force anybody to publish or edit articles. It is each person consciously to do this, so small partial people collaborate gradually forming a group of people to do a same thing. In chapter, a good example is an article about asphalt creating. There are totally 129 people to edit or modify anything about asphalt. Maybe some people only edit one time, but each person small contribution assembles a completed article.

        In chapter 7, one of concept is coordinating group action has more effect than individual action for big corporations. The example is about there are two flights additional delayed and passengers waiting for hours with insufficient food and water. One event didn’t happen big news because no person organized. Another event caused huge impact. One person created an online petition and collected more than two thousands people signature. Thus, the group action caused enormous losses to the airline company. Overall, the power of group action can make people truly have right.

        In “Small Change” by Malcolm Gladwell showed he also agreed with Shirky’s argument. Gladwell declared social media impact people and as an important tools to change people’s life. An example is that people connect on Facebook or twitter to post events, so group of people can change the balance of power.

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