Shirky (5 and 7) and Gladwell

                 In chapter 5 “Personal Motivations Meets Collaborative Prouduction” mainly talks about Wikipedia. The success of Wikipedia was compared to Nupedia that is similar to Wikipedia. However, Nupedia was not a success because of the lack of participants. As for Wikipedia, it was an open website where users may edit and use the website. Shirky’s overall arguement is that when there’s a website that or something that is open to users, people will have a choice to do it or not. As for chapter 7 “Faster and Faster” Shirky discusses how working in groups can show more productivity is more successful than working individually. By working in groups, people have a much easier path to accomplish tasks. One of the examples he uses was when in Germany people and the government discuss the uses of social networking to create and peace or a form of meeting instead of physically gathering.

                In “Small Change” by Malcolm Gladwell shows much agreement to Shirky’s argument. Gladwell states that the use of technology can be useful and helpful, especially when it comes to what has happened in the past. Gladwell uses an example during the Civil Rights movement where four college students were involved during the racial segregation. There was no such thing has technology back in 1940s. But if the use of technology was available, the issue could have been resolved in a much better and faster way. An example that shows that the use of technology is useful and helpful is when Sameer Bhatia’s( a young girl who needed a transplant) story was published online, the transplant was ready for her because the information was spread quickly among many large groups. Both Shirky and Gladwell shows that the use of technology can be useful and helpful when it comes to sharing information. The online resource can be used to make accomplishments much faster and easier.



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