Shirky Vs. Gladwell

Chapter 5: concepts/ideas that support his main ideas.
– armature vs professionalism
-input from everyone vs info from one informed source.
– the ability to elaborate off of someone’s simple fact or statement
Example used: Wikipedia vs. Nupedia

Chapter 7: concepts/ ideas that support his main ideas.
– social input
-how bands of people with a common idea connect and become strong.
Example used: the airline delays and how they were approached differently.

Compare to Gladwell:
Gladwell and Shirkys points are similar within these texts. Large groups of people with common ground can accomplish more. An Example that connects then is how Gladwell states that the KKK or Gangs usually have someone that they know within the group or believe in the same ideas and by bonding together they become very powerful and influential. I believe that it relates to chapter 7 and chapter 1 the best both the examples within that text has a large group of people to band together to accomplish something that they believe in.


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