Shirky vs Malcom

What concepts and ideas does Shirky Introduce in Chapter 5 and Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 is about people teaming up when it comes to a social perspective. Social Media gets more attention, informs people of the news and lets us know what exactly is
in the spotlight. Shirky mentioned the incidence involving Evan and his friend Ivannas sidekick phone and showed how social media had such a big impact on it. Without the help of social media, the NYPD would not be pressured to press charges on that 16 year old girl. So Social media  can be used as an intimidation mechanism. Social Media also has a “power in group” feeling, which makes a person feel stronger than they really are.

How do these chapters support his overall main ideas? Name a specific story Shirky uses to support his argument. Then, compare to Gladwell.

Shirky says that social media is all about equality and there is no one better than the other. Social Media is all about showing you’re an individual, there is rarely any control, and you may dictate any opinion you desire. There is a specific story that Shirky says is the one where “It Takes a Village to Find a Phone”. It’s interesting because it mixes human nature and social media. Human nature always had “power in groups” feel, and mixing that with social media just creates a whole fiasco.

What is Gladwell’s overall argument? What concepts and ideas does he present? Name a specific story or example Gladwell uses to support his argument? Where do Shirky and Gladwell agree and disagree?
Gladwell’s main argument is about social networking. Gladwells social net working idea is a whole lot more modernized and how social media makes people get together and work onto one same goal. Gladwell also uses a racial story about African-American students and their segregation and that also caught my attention. I always studied power in groups and this one explained it all. Protests made people feel stronger and that abolished the discrimination. Same goes to social networking. Shirkys story about the girls stolen phone also relates to this, just in a more modernized way. Shirky and Gladwell both share the similar points of view. They both agree on power in groups and social networking, such as wikipedia or blogging.


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