Shirky chapter 5, 7

Chapter 5 is about Wikipedia and why it is successful. This chapter is more talk about how is Wikipedia can successful. On Wikipedia everyone can fit somebody the article. if have someone just put idea to Wikipedia, that article will have many people add information to the idea. Shirt explains that example, because any one can share your idea on Wikipedia or you can add some idea on Wikipedia. All of that is explain why Wikipedia is work.


 Chapter 7, is talk about we are life become faster and faster. The example is about we can post one activity to face book or email, and then if somebody interested on this activity, he or she will come on this time. After the activity is finish, you can go back home. Shirt explains this idea main is we life is faster and faster.


  In “small change” by Malcolm, he has same idea with Shirt. Malcolm is discussion about social media effect people and it is changing people life. The example is face book can post everythink what you like.


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