Arab Spring



Arab Spring


Cyber Utopians  taking charge of  community support is one positive aspect to this breakthrough in communication. The fact that propaganda is not fueled by a profit margin avoids  The Institutional Dilemma the media is limited by, and has abused in the past.  Online communities, and contributors of the  Social Revolution are inspired either by being directly affected by the events or having some concern for political events; thus, eventually creating an outlet for the emotions and concerns and even generating peace such as in the creation of The Center for Applied Nonviolent Action.

Information is distributed by the “Social Cable” with in minutes of the event taking place leading to more factual evidence, photos, and recordings of live events with in minutes. Given that governments have had a history of not only procrastination of informing the public of    catastrophic events as displayed in the Epilogue. Governments  apparently  have even gone as far as to block internet blogs due to content is a perfect example of just how powerful the Social Media is when exercising human rights, and giving power,and security back to the people of these grief stricken communities.


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