Ch. 9 + Epilouge & Articles

Chapter 9 of Here Comes Everybody talks about how our technology makes it easier for us to be able to have small social groups and websites. He explains what FOAF is (friend of a friend) and how it effects how we make friends are how it helps us expand our social groups.  FOAF pretty much means that you are meeting new people through friends you already have, so it helps you and the person you are meeting which opens up new opportunities for both of them. The epilogue talks about how news now of days is able to spread faster over social tools then radios, or news on a TV. An example of that would be the China earthquake in 2008.

The Article How Egyptian and Tunisian youth hacked the Arab Spring explains what Takriz is. Takriz is a social network that students and teachers use to speak their mind. This relates to Shirky because you are still meeting and talking to new people, just like the FOAF method. Something this article talked about that Shirky didn’t was how there are groups where you need a certain type of  technology like a laptop for college or school use. Not all of us are able to buy things like that, so sometimes people do not have the opportunities to get news or information as fast as people with the right technology.

The other article talks about the opposite, in how technology isn’t the reason for all the revolutionaries. obviously technology plays a part of the madness, but to say it is the biggest reason? That is just too much. Technology doesn’t make you do anything, it just influences your decision. AT the end of the day it is your making the decision, not the technology.



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