Chapter 9 and Epilogue

Clay Shirky’s view on social media and social change. He shows and tells how social media can really show people everywhere that we live in a “Small World”. The example he gives is on page 212, he says to image you are next to someone on a plane flight and after a brief conversation you find out you have a friend in common. Homophily = or the grouping of like with like. Now on Facebook you can meet new friends by using the Mutual Friends thing to see who you know. There is also a thing called friend-of-a-friend aka FOAF Networking that Shirky talks about on page 219. you can also hear about a lot of news happening around your community or around the world from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email or even text message. Shirky and Morozov both talk about how Twitter and Facebook are good social media tools to make new friends and find good news.


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