Chapter 9&Epilogue+Articles

Clay Shirky’s view on social media and social change:

In chapter 9, Shirky tells how the social media is another way to communicate with others and that it is easier to stay connected. One of the examples that he uses is about FOAF, friend of a friend, which is a way to make friends and expand social groups. In the Epilogue, Shirky uses an example of an earthquake that occurred in China. Shirky expressed how the news spread rapidly through the use of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Shirky’s argument in the Epilogue shows that the use of social tools can help people learn, engage and be involved with others around the world.

Articles of Arab Spring:

The articles of the Arab Springs relate to Shirky’s argument in many ways because it shows that the use of social media has a huge affect on people’s lives. People are able to comment and share their opinions or connect with each other to form social groups. Because of the formation of social groups, this leads to leaking information. People can share any information they like and this affected the government. Leaked information causes the spread of news and ideas to people worldwide, which can be a threat to the governments.

Morozov’s argument:

In Morovoz is the opposite of Shirky’s point of view. Morovoz claims that social media is just a tool and is not practical. He believes that connecting and being involved with the news using social media is not good enough. Even though people are trying to be involved by using Twitter or Facebook, it is not effective nor is it professional. He states that if people really want to be helpful and get involved then they should try harder and not rely on social tools.

Article that I found:

The article that I found, “Revolutions, Terrorists, and Tweets: Social Media and the Arab Spring” is about what the social media is all about in the Arab Spring. According to McKinnis, the use of social media was a tool to help organize and schedule protests, and at the same time it was a use of technology to help communicate with others. Over the communication it also publicizes globally which allows many people to aware of different news. It was found that a Somali-based Islamist terrorist group was using a social media to let others know of their attacks.  The social media has also affected people’s lives individually. When people share their opinions through the social media, it can also harm them. One person was found to insult a President and was sent to a jail for a year. The social media has become so strong and overpower to a point that it will “alter how people and governments face change” (McKinnis).



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