Shirky and the Arab Spring

Summary of Shirky’s view on Social Change:What I get out of Shirky’s opinions of Social Change from Social Media is that it creates an environment where you can communicate on a level that has never been seen before. You can make a matter that otherwise would stay local go global creating a huge army of influence behind that topic. It allows for everyone who is involved in that topic to comment agree disagree and relate to the matter at hand, making a huge impact on the way we communicate these days while implementing all of the previous forms of publication or discussions into one.
Some specific examples would be the Chinese earthquake that effected the community and revealed dangerous actions done within their community. By making this story of bribery to “cut corners” on public buildings available to everyone people were able to be outraged and form an alliance to have change done and regulations enforced for future projects.

Articles of the Arab Spring:

These articles are related in many different ways because its all based on for one media outlets where people can have there opinions publicized. Although they add a bigger picture for the average person to see because they are not only non-violent actions but violent actions as well. This social media is a way for the public to finally have a voice of their opinions without it being censored unlike many other things before in their society, which also relates to Shirky. This large common ground gives this community a big enough platform for them to stand on before there community and stand up to their government. In the articles that i had found (a few different discussion forums) is  that this is not the only time that this has happened but things like this have happened all over the world. They just want to give the public awareness of the actions at hand.

Morozov’s Argument:

What I got out of reading his Article is that he feels that social media is basically small potato in getting a pint across. He feels that you should be heard and seen like an old fashion in person protest.  This is very the opposite of Shirky, shirky believes that if you are on social media you have the upper hand because you are backed globally and rarely with harmful outcomes. While in person you have more of a risk of being hurt or your word maybe not being heard like it should. I feel that Morozov is saying that you need to be physically involved not just online involved.





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