Small world Network, and Social change.

Small world networking consist of the same structure of Power of Law distribution, where the network is held together by the few very active users yet everyone is making a small contribution in some aspect. The smaller world networks members are accociated by homophily, that gives the network a stronger connection. Small World Networks are more active because they have less people communicating in a tight knit group. Larger communities are not as closely connected, and less active; where, Small World Networks that then turn into larger networks become very efficient. Due to the formula of the Birthday Paradox Math, that suggest there will be several smaller networks within the larger network communicating . The smaller world networks consist of homophily communities connecting all group members, and creating a very productive ecosystem.  The advancement and study of networking seems to be continuously improving , and expanding into the future of Cyber Utopian.


One thought on “Small world Network, and Social change.

  1. I agree with you when you talk about small networking. Small networks seem to be more beneficial since people tend to know each other as opposed to one big network, this in turn makes our ecosystem more functional as you stated above. I personally believe small networks lets us share our opinions and actually get noticed.

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