Chapter 9,Epilogue and Articles

Chapter 9:

“Fitting Our Tools to a Small world” is title of chapter 9. It talks about how the social media or social tools make the world to become a small world. The social media provide a new way to connect people together. One of his view is friend-of-friend networking (FOAF). The example is a social networking service, dodgeball. People can send a message where you are to the service, and then service sends back a message to introduce a new friend who is your friend’s friend. Thus, this is FOAF networking. Shirky believes that the social tools make people communicating more convenient and fast.


The epilogue talks about how the social media is growing so fast, and the last news is posted on social media. The example is the earthquake in China in 2008. People use QQ (China largest social network) and twitter to spread disaster situation before TV news reporting. It provides the fastest information transfer after the earthquake happened. He believes that there will be more and more people to accept new social tools in life.

Morozov’s Article

In Morozov’s article, he disagreed with Shirky’s view. He thinks that the social tools are not really and is too pure virtual to believe that could affect revolutions. In article, it provided some example about revolution in Cairo, Beirut and Dubai. However, Shirky support that all of social media deliver news and information fast and accurate.

Arab Spring’s Article

In Arab Spring’s article, he agrees with Shirky’s view in some ways. He thinks social media can affect people life. People can publish freely and what they want to post on social media. Otherwise, people can comment anything to connect with others people argument. Such as Facebook and Twitter, these are the largest platforms which send different information and news to the world. In example, the revolt was through social media to spread information.

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