Occupy Movement

First Article:


Second Article:


These articles are both on the Occupy movement and how it bonded people or ” The 99 Percent” together. The first article relates best to our overall class discussions because it gives us that sense of how social media bring us together as a bigger force or army. This is also relevant to our discussions because it is about trying to influence a major change in society by simply getting people together who are frustrated and want change. The Second article I think is more related to the first article than our unit 2 discussions because it discusses the frustrations that a community faces by coming together for change. The  second article kind of gives more of the background information to the  Occupy than relating to social media. It discusses how people in America during the economy fall were horribly effected by the simple phrase of debt. From education debt to just getting by debt it was a major problem that was drowning the people in our country. This discussion of debt in the second article is what bonded that community.




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