2 Online Articles

First article:


The first article is “Does Social Media Technology Promote Democracy?” written by Hana Grill. Article mainly discuss about whether the social media technology promote Democracy or not. First, author use data to show that there are millions of user using social media every day, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It declares that each user can spread a massage of their opinions and give government pressure. For example, Egypt’s protests are through Facebook and YouTube to spread Democracy. On the other hands, social media also have shortcomings because it lacks truth and transparency. The example in article is a number of countries that government use high-technology to control and monitor systems and internet. All of information access to censorship tools and are being withheld from them. Thus, information from social media and internet lose truth and transparency for citizen. Overall, author think social media has flawed to promote democracy.

Second article:


The second article is “Social Media for Social Change: Stanford Professor Uses Facebook, Twitter and Personal Stories to Promote Bone Marrow Donations” written by Targeted News Service. Article talks about a real story. Samir Pendse was diagnosed in 2003. However, good health didn’t last very long. He got the leukemia once again. In article there is the same example that one of Aaker’s students Sammer Bhatia was also diagnosed with leukemia in 2007. His friends used social media to spread information encouraging people to register as marrow donors. Within 11 weeks, they found his match. Thus, they used the same ways that spread information through Facebook, YouTube and e-mail to look for matching bone marrow donor.

Both articles are talking about social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and e-mail to fast spread information. Though social media still have some shortcoming like truth and transparency of information, it is a particular platform for every person to publish their opinions and form power of groups to help other people. Just like what we read from Shinky’s book, people can be able to form a power of groups to help people and example in chapter 1 groups help Evan to get back lost phone.


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