Five Articles

Article 1:

It used to be that evenings and weekends were used strictly for family time and personal events, although with today’s technologies it has given the opportunity to many business owners to allow there employees to “telecommute”. One example that the writer gives is how social networking has totally revolutionized the way non-profits contact their donors. It used to be a very tedious pyramid technique to contact and actually get donations while today you are able to simply engage your ideas with others have them share it around to then in-cress your donations and amount of donors that you have. It has also changed the way that we work and communicate with others. Not only are these new technologies allowing us to work more but it also allows us to waste more time. This article has very similar focus points to my number 4 article in the fact that with all of this access to the social networking sites it also leads to unethical behavior within the work place.

Article 2:

Kevin Cain writes about the negative effects of the social networking site Facebook and even states “Facebook has become a popular distraction for some and a bonafide time waster for many”. He also compares Facebook to Mc Donald’s and how we give too much personal information out without knowing what we are relinquishing to the world, just like how we might not be aware of what’s in their burgers. One of the interesting points that i though he made was how Americans spend about 14 minutes a day on Facebook. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but you times that by a month then a year and it really adds up.

Article 3:

This is an article on how journalism is affected by social media. “Richard Sambrook, the director of the BBC Global News Division, said that the impact of social media was overestimated in the short term and underestimated in long term”. There is so much available online now that sometimes journalism is looked over, although there is one huge difference in how journalism powers over blogging and that is relaying to its readers where their information comes from and how it’s delivered. They need to know that this is all relevant through how much traffic their posts or site may get form readers and where they got the information from.

Article 4:

This article brings up the ethical decisions of using social media in the workplace and how it wasn’t always apart of the employee’s manual. 30% of people in the work place use social media at work yet it shows that people within this classification “active social networkers show a higher tolerance for activities that could be considered unethical.”

Article 5:

This article is a guide to help small business diversify themselves and make them more accesses able to their customers by giving detailed suggestions on how to improve their business. The writes gives a few social networking sites along with a few different ides to make  the public aware of new things, examples, changes, really anything that could potentially get more foot traffic into your business. “Social media can be a great way to save time, rather than just another way to spend it. By harnessing the reach of social media, you can attract new customers, collect feedback, improve customer service or find more free time for the things that are most important in your life and business.” This is one of the ways that social networking has really improved and help society.


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