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Human Rights, the Internet and Social Media: Has Technology Changed the Way We See Things?

By Ziad Khalil AbuZayyad


This article discusses how social media and the internet have become a world of its own.  He also writes about how social media and the internet  have become a catalyst for social change that has gone on around the world.  He brings up the point about how before we would need a news paper or print media to find out what was going on the other side of the world, and how the internet and its use has brought people closer together and broke down barriers.  Which leads him to talk about how it has aided the Palestinians, Egyptians, and Portuguese people in their fights for change and equality.


Think Before You Tweet!


By TSgt Julie Meintel, 445th Airlift Wing

Tech Sargent Meintel writes about how military service members should take a minute to think before they write something on Twitter or Facebook. She brings up the point that you never know who is reading your information or the information of family members that write important information on your page for example military events or return dates of service members. She also says that it can aid superiors to find out information on their subordinates if they are experiencing something that they are to uncomfortable bringing  up to their superior in person.


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