5 Articles

Article I


TV Networks Hope Their Next Hit Show Will Be an App

This article argues about the concern that traditional television networks are having to reach young consumers. Due to an increase of smartphones and tablets, especially in young people, TV networks are adding new ways to deliver entertainment by turning into apps. The Author mentions “Watch Disney junior” app as an example. The app has been downloaded 5 millions times, produced more than 650 million views and averages about 41 millions views per month since its launch.

Article II


Social Media: Must-have Strategies In your Job Search.

The overall argument is the shift form old-fashioned hard copy resume to a digital portfolio. The Author states the power of Internet in to link job seekers to employers. He also relates Social Media as a vital tool in how employers recruit talent to their organizations.

Article III


Are We To Dependent on Apps?

This Article talks about the effects and consequences of excessive use of mobile apps in today’s society. The Author is concern to younger people, “who have only ever known a world saturated by always on devices”.  The Author believes that too much exposure to mobile and computer applications might affect their creativity skills.

Article IV


How One Young Man Found The Revolution

The overall argument in this article is the power of social media and its contributions to Egypt revolution. The Author mentions the young peoples that even without political backgrounds were able to brought Egypt long time dictator down.

Article V


Google Unveils Tools to Access Web From Repressive Countries

The article is about the new technologies developed by Google to help people in repressive regimes to access internet. This article is very “Shirky”, since he believes that technology has an important role in environments that severely restrict freedom of speech. The mains goal of this new technology is to rescue the human rights, and the freedom of expression.


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