5 Recent Social Media Articles From New York Times-DJ LORZ

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

Article 4

Article 5

Article 1 is about how our social media sites still rely on television to reach the high popularity they have. The article brings in examples from Facebook and Twitter during the Breaking Bad finale. Both companies received a great deal of users posting during this finale. Not only this, but due to the increased users, these companies make millions of dollars. The greatest bringing in of television talk from users is sporting events that are projected to be somewhere in the millions each week.

Article 2 talks about a new feature coming to comcast that allows viewers to watch shows that people are tweeting about. This new feature called “See It” will connect television and the new age of Internet media that has never been used before. They hope to have this new program eventually linked to many things all over the web so you can see whatever the talk is about. Many television companies are already signing up for this new idea.

Article 3 discusses the California Legislatures attempt to futhur try to protect childrens privacy on the internet. Many young people may post something or upload something that then becomes lost and they are unable to delete it from the internet. California is trying to contain the internet and set more rules that apply to the internet to keep personal information personal. To do this, they proposed an “right-to-delete” idea that would allow people 18 or under to delete things that refer to them or that they don’t like. This is a great idea, but as discussed later in the article, it does have potential pitfalls.

Article 4 brings up a very depressing issue we have with social media today. It talks about how a 12 year old girl committed suicide due to online bullying. Teenagers are now committing suicide and younger and younger ages, which is very alarming. She was said to be a great student who was bullied by a group of middle school kids and told to kill herself. Law enforcement is starting to try to get a grip on the instigaters of cyber bulling with felony offences. Consider losts of adults do not know about all the new social media advances it makes you ask, what can you do? Something obviously needs to be done and attention to this subject must be of highest priority.

Article 5 introduces a new app that is to due with social media, coming from Asia. This app, called Line, has Over 230 million users across seas. Many people in countries all over the world (mainly Asia, Europe, and Latin America), are using this app instead of Facebook or Twitter. Line has not even hit the Americas yet, but is planning to be in the near future. The expansion of this app is enourmous and the difference between Line and lets day Facebook, is that line was created for mobile phones. The only problem is the tranfer from Asia to America and the differences of peoples interests in the 2 areas. Line also has restricted ads to opt-in campaigns meaning the ads are for promotions and coupons instead of tailor advertising.


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