Articles I, II

Social Media  Article I

Youth and the (potential) power of social media by Sheila Allison

Sheila Allison overall argument is that today’s social media and the new technologies had created new generation of young people; the Digital Native. Allison argues that social media can go beyond basic entertainment to expression in political changes. The Author believes that social media can contribute to a political engagement of youth people in developing countries. She mentions about “Democratic Potential” in an authoritarian nation-state such as China. Alison also raised a question if Chinese government can control or maintain restriction over a motivated mass capable of using social media to effects changes, especially in politics. Sheila then concludes stating the Social Media became a powerful tool, and that indeed has a potential to influence, and make changes in politics.

Social Media Article II

The New Social Media in Russia by Nicole Bode

In this article the Author argues about the important role that social media have in post-Putin regime. Nicole Bode depicts Social Media in Russia as a powerful tool that breaks the traditional way of media, increasing the speed and transparency in political change. According with Nicole, due to new ways in communication and the easy access to new technologies, Social Media have become an indispensable tool to expose wrongdoing of state, and recruit new members. Nicole Bode argument is very similar to Clay Shirky in Here Comes Everybody, where Shirky explains the changes in how media is produce due the mass amateurization, therefor capability is now in the hands of everyone who own a computer


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