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Article 1 (YouTube Video)

A good friend of mine and a UCLA Black Bruin, Sy Stokes created a mind blowing YouTube video voicing out his opinions about the acceptance and graduate rates of the African American students in UCLA. Within the past year, there has been only  660 African American students enrolled in the University out of 19,838 other students that roam around the campus. Within those 660 students, 65% of them are undergraduate student athletes but yet only 74% of them are PREDICTED to graduate. The small amount of those students were only accepted to improve their winning percentage to their athlete department. Stokes is raising awareness of the “fraudulent” information that the University of California Los Angeles claims to be a diverse University. It may perhaps seem as a prestigious college because most of the students occupying the classes falls within the stereotypical nerdy Asians and preppy Caucasian kids, all the while accepting athletic African Americans to create a somewhat balance to their “diversity.” Nevertheless, Stokes is creating a movement through social media hoping to create a social change within his attending university and to raise awareness of the unfair acceptance rates of the school. There is a petition attached within the youtube link to support his movement, please help and support.

Article 2 


The people of Tunisia created a historical political change through the usage of social medias (FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter). Overthrowing their President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali by the strong voices that was heard throughout the country and all over the world via YouTube. The citizens remarkably made a great movement and created a change by carefully organizing protests on National Police Day (Jan.25). With such disruption, the Egyptians managed to shut down the government and creating an even more stronger civilian campaign against them. They created the “We Are All Khaled Said” FaceBook page to keep their voices heard and empowering them to continue to practice their citizenship.

Article 3


Lets Occupy Wall Street! The people of New York had enough of the Capitalism government the U.S. had us abide by and isn’t willing to back down until our voices are heard throughout the world. With the usage of social media, the protesters disseminated the play by play during the protest and captured people all over the world. YouTube videos, Twitter hashtags #OccupyWallSt, and FaceBook page were all updated within the hour to keep everyone posted and creating a stronger hold within the citizens throughout the country that believed in the same predicament.

Article 4 


London had just experienced a wild three night riot charade this past summer. It was only right that after a huge mess there needs to be a clean up crew to sort the disruption away. It takes a village to clean up and that’s exactly what the people did. Using Twitter to their fullest advantage, #riotcleanup was created to help gather volunteers to clean the mess up. Hundreds of people came with broom in hand after the riot trying to clean Camden, Clapham Junction, Croydon and other neighboring cities that was also affected by the riots. Social media gathered the people to create a change, a clean up change and help restore what once was a city. FaceBook pages and Flicker accounts had been all very useful for the police to identify those who started the riot. It’s amazing how people can create a group within hours to help restore the damage by just using the web!

Article 5


President Obama wouldn’t be president or even nominated for the election if it wasn’t for his internet campaign. He used YouTube to it’s fullest extent to deliver his messages to the public as advertisement instead of spending millions of dollars for TV commercials that no one has time to watch. Smart move to capture the country since more than half of us buried our noses into our smart phones and other devices. The President even uses the internet to create his own webpage “change.com” so he can have great access with his technological voters. To directly help them and listen to their public matters.


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