Matthew Scrip: 5 articles

1.) Teenage cyber bullying  -Matt levinson

Summary of article:

A response to girls suicide linked to cyberbulying, Author addresses that schools need to play an active, aggressive role in the digital lives of teenagers to help bring out what’s going on in these sites were “bullying” occurs. Digital media is at times treachours and children need parental guidance when using.

2.) Social Networking in the 1600’s –Tom Stadage

Summary of article:

Author refers to networking sites as “weapons of mass distraction” referring to a sick of test results in students as well as attention spans growing shorter each year. Author refers to coffee houses as a social networking site in the 1600’s.  Apparently trading and exchanging of news and story’s makes a coffee house in the 1600’s as effective as a social networking site according to the author.

3.) Antosocial networking? –Hilary Stout

Summary of Article:

Children use to actually talk to there friends now kids are Instant messaging back and fourth through website like “Facebook.” Not only are kids not talking in person but when they do talk it includes things like: J J :0 😉 >: / instead of actual well thought out conversations. Kids are furthermore developing social disorders because of the excessive amount of time spent on computers in there youth.

4.) Growing up digital, Wired For Distraction –Matt Richtel

Summary of Article:

Dilemma between distraction via smart phones and learning. Now more then ever students of all ages are drawn towards there smart phone devices and its proposing significant threat to all children. Weather it’s a constant classroom distraction or at home replacing homework. It effects students grades and futures.

5.) YouTube video Social Media and trends: 2013 –Funkymarketing TV.

Summary of article:

Youtube video includes how social media is used everyday and how.  Statistics of company’s using social media and a catchy tone


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