Two Articles on Social Media

Youth and the (potential) Power of Social Media

by: Sheila Allison

Digital technology, social media, business marketing, an political reform are all evolving with the youth generation. Today we take digital technology and speed to the breaking point. People who share a common culture or interest can now communicate in seconds across the world. This allows micro and mass populations to come together. However, can taking this “without borders” philosophy produce good rapid change?

During the Arab Spring of 2011 all diverse kinds of people were using social media tools to communicate. Technology exploited misused and neglected by our country is being used as a revolutionary tool in the middle east. “Large majorities agree that voting and protesting give them opportunities to express their views.” (page 71)

Citizens of the area have made their voices heard through the use of these digital networks. People can organize and gather groups together quickly, cheaper, and successfully. Governments are now aware of the power of social tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Banning such devices and making them illegal is the only defense power-hungry governments can execute. I believe it’s a good tool for the people to have and continue using. When mass groups of people can gather and peacefully protest or change a government for the better that’s a positive step for humanity.


The Power of Networking

by: Carolyn Thomas


“Everything we do in life is relationship driven, and business is based on relationships.”(page3) The Power of Networking is an information article on the power of human relationships. Today the art of career advancement and marketing progress is changing. When two people have a connection they are willing to communicate and form colaborations.”Networking is not about using people, it can be mutual and it’s about building relationships.”(page2) In addition, when people of alike kind meet they can become stronger with numbers. Carlyn has a similar view of Shirky in that human relationships drive today’s society. I found Carolyn mentioning the Facebook image and how this social website can affect your professional and personal life. However online networking and social networks can also condemn you. Remember to keep your online image appropriate in today’s age.

This article assists in finding successful jobs and careers. Carolyn stresses not to profile people based on their current rank. Because it’s not what you know but who you know. Networking is a huge role in todays job market, and society in general. It can be used to strengthen your future if used to your advantage. The lesson I learned from this article is to continue networking and appreciate the art of human relationships. Relationships and human interactions are the base for our social and economic world.




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