5 Articles

Article 1:


This article focuses on how the social media give people ability to express their opinions and share ideas. Whatever how many people disagree your opinion, whatever where the matter happened, you can immediately express your opinions on social media. Article declared many number of countries can’t control information and spreading of ideas because of social media. The example is Iranian government attempted to control the communication and images of people disagreeing with the “official” election outcome, but all of information were sent by the world.

Article 2:


This article talks about a restaurant Squeeze is through social media to attract customers and rapid increase of business. For example, restaurant built a custom app for Smartphone users. When waitstaff see a smartphone on the table, they will ask customers to boost their brand. They also have a brand in YouTube channel posting a video to attract more customers. And YouTube has become their restaurant main marketing focus. Thus, social media can be used in different ways when people to explore it

Article 3:


This article is about how the social media connect with new generation teenagers. It shows many particular data to prove how much times the teenagers spend on it. Such as “2 hours and 20 minutes a day on average spent online” and “80 percent of their time online is spent on a social networking site”. On the other hands, author compares benefit and negatives ways for teenagers to use social media. We can see that it state using social media to meet new friends, connect with friends, expand their ideas and so on. However, social media affects teenagers to be obsession and to lower their school grade.

Article 4:


This article discusses about the social media Facebook Home collects information from users and to track where you are. For example, “Phones with Facebook Home could access this information at any time to determine what businesses or neighborhoods you visit the most or even where you live” declared Facebook Home using these data to serve up particular ads. Though Facebook Home has privacy issues, in a survey only 4% cited privacy concerns as a reason.

Article 5:


This article talks about how the social media becomes more and more popular in Cambodian. For students, social media provide a place to say their opinions. People can get more information and news as soon as possible from social media. In the article, “social media creates an amplifier” was specific to state meaning of social media.


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