5 Articles

First Article: How Social Media Is Changing Disaster Response By Dina Fine Maron
This article describes how during big disasters and emergencies, social media tools like Twitter and Facebook can actually help a lot. When Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S Gulf Coast Facebook was there to assist. When cell service was unavailable people looked to Twitter and Facebook to keep informed , locate love ones, notify authorities and express support. The Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) wrote “users sent more than 20 million Sandy-related Twitter post, or “tweets”…” After the Boston Marathon bombings, Boston Police posted a tweet telling everyone that they had captured the last guy of the manhunt and more than 140,000 people retweeted it.

Second Article: Will Technology Save Public Education? By Dr. Jim Taylor
This article is about how hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on getting Ipads and other tablets into schools. They say that their is really no scientific evidence that technology produces better grades, or higher graduation rates. What data did show was that well-trained teachers are the best school-related contributor to academic success. Studies show that young people ages 8 to 18 spend more than 7.5 hours in front of the tv screen on non-school days.

Third Article: The Effects of Social Media on How We Speak and Write. By Karan Chopra
Social Media can and has changed the way people speak and write. For example the word count on Twitter forces users to condense their thoughts. They then use a thing called textspeak. some popular terms are LOL, OMG, HAHA and ROFL. The word count also makes it so users have to get to the point much faster. Writing before used to be between two people, which it still can be but now someone can post one thing and hundreds or thousands of people can see it.


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