chap 9 & epilogue

Chap 9 is basically on his view on the change of social relationships due to social media. Shirky talks about how we can connect with old friends across the world or how we can meet new friends. For example Shirky uses a “friend of a friend” theory and how much people have in common with each other just by having one friend in common. He used myspace as an example on how people can spread news about certain subjects and people can comment or like or dislike.

In the epilogue Shirky uses the china 2008 earthquake as an example. People across the globe were reading what happened and people started to post discussions on social media sites and news spread fast about the disaster witch helped organized support groups to china. Shirkys main argument is that social media is not as bad as people think it is at times social media might distort our minds but in a another way it can help bring us together.


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