chap1-3 shirky’s book by mistake put it in a comment awhile back

chap 1
1) Shirky talks about how a girl loses her phone in a cab and the steps a friend of hers does to get her phone back by using social media and internet sites
2) overall arguments is how people can team up through technology and make a diffrence vs 10 years ago back when the internet was not as important and how big of an impact it has made on modern day
3)my reaction to this chapter is that i agree with what is being said about how internet and social media sites have changed everybodys life and way of living
1)overall arguments of this chapter is the pros and cons of having a large number of people working for a company vs a small company with less employes
2)Shirky talk’s about the affectivness and the production you can get out of a small group of people vs a large group of people
3)I myself agree with the reading because in a small group/buisness you can come to a decision or solve a problem fairly quickley but in a large group you would have to hear everyones opinioun to solve a problem
1)shirky talks about the diffrent forms of media outlet besides a news paper and news on tv
2)arguments in this chapter is that anyone can be a media source weather youre blogging about it or reading it t agree with the reading because there is a lot of people that are posting all kinds of controversy on the web regaurding everyday struggles such as political problems or just communtiy struggles


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