Shirky’s view on social media & social change Arab spring & morov argument

The summary on Shirky’s view on media and social change. What i understand on Shirky’s view is that in the future it will change how we interact with one another in a way that no one has ever seen before. Such as someone who is having a little problem with in there communities can make a discussion forum online and make it go global by having people like or dislike and commenting on that matter making a local problem in to a global problem with in minutes. A good example on this is kony how literally  with in a few days a group of people shined the light on Africa and how a rebel fighter leader was ordering rebel fighters to go to these remote villages at night to kidnap  innocent children. The making of this video sparked a world wide response they got the attention of president Barack Obama to send troops to Africa to look after and to teach African troops certain tactics

Arab springs

This article is related in diffrent ways people voice there opinions so they can be publized. social media is a place where people can voice there opinions can be heard without being censored it gives each person a stage so they can all stand on and be heard before there peers and goverment leaders.

Morozov argument

What i read in  morozov article is he feels social media is pretty much worthless when it comes to getting your point across. He feels that protesting is a much better way to getting your point across because of the actual presence of a protest is more powerful then social media. In Shirky’s case he is the opposite he says having social media on your side is basically having the world on your side.


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