Late response to “Here Comes Everybody” (Make up for October 7th)

In his book “Here Comes Everybody,” Clay Shirky states that the social media is capable of making a real social change. Due to ubiquity of new social tools, people are able to create large groups and put their effort together not even leaving their rooms. He also says that the social media allows amateur writers to express themselves to a broad audience and therefore gain the “leverage” to make a social change.

Chapter 1. In this chapter, Clay Shirky tells a story of Ivanna’s lost phone and how new social tools helped her friend to get it back.

Chapter 2. This chapter is about what are advantages and disadvantages of having big vs. small amount of people working for a company.

Chapter 3. In this chapter, the author goes into the process of a “mass amateurization” in which he talks of how everybody can become a “media outlet”, being a source of endless information and ideas.


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