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how social media is changing disaster response

By: Diana Fine Maron

this article discusses the impact social media has when a disaster occurs or a emergence. When hurricane Katrina hit u.s. golf coast facebook had just been introduced and helped with relief efforts and information. When hurricane Sandy slammed the eastern Seaborg it wiped out cell service so people turned to twitter for fema tweets to locate generators and refuge. When Boston bombing occurred Boston police where using twitter to cycle information wich was a key part that lead to bombers capture. Finally when they captured there suspects Boston police “tweeted” CAPTURED!! and over 140,000 people responded by retweeting it.


Social media changing the world of philanthropy

By: Emmile Buchanon-Whitlock

This article explains the platforms facebook,twitter,linkedin,instagram and other social sites create a buzz for nonprofits. A nonprofits sector raised a total of 298 billion dollars in 2011 of that 22 billion was raised online. Since social media has been introduced nonprofits have been taking advantage of it and have been cashing in on online donations


Social media is changing the world in unexpected ways

By: Diana Adams

This article is about how much social media is changing our world overall and how we go about our every day life. In the article she states that one out every 7 minutes spent online is on facebook. people use social media to check stocks,news,education,employment opportunities and even to gather people for a movement such as occupy and Egyptian uprising


how social media has changed the world? 5 impact of social media on our lives

By: sohali guha

this article explains the 5 big impacts social media has on the world such as the news and how they use twitter for updates on significant happenings all over the world. How we interact with one another and political landscapes how children learn and marketing schemes. That is just 5 impacts and there are plenty more to come.


The effects of social media on how we speak and write

By: Karen chopra

This article talks about how we changed our way of writing and speaking and how we use different terms like lol (laugh out loud)  for a joke or a light hearted inflection to messages. How in a way social media can help with grammer and short handed text and different variations of languages people use and write



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