Response on future education

Throughout the articles and postings I read, the main topic that was discussed was on the advancement of education in everyday lives through technology. Future education is discussed throughout the country and the way we can possibly replace the use of manual skills with something more in depth such as connecting education with the use of technology and internet tools. They all consider the future and the possible outcomes that may be connected to the conversation of transforming higher education.

In my opinion, a question that all the articles hold is, “Will the movement of building a higher education have a positive or negative effect?”. Getting rid of manual skills related to the topic of education or not, can mean that people may become dependent on certain technological tools. An example mentioned in the New York Times article considers that with internet tools ” Why memorize the 50 states and their capitals? Why, in the age of Google and pocket computers, memorize anything?”. Students, teachers, or anyone in general would become dependent on social tools such as Google, in order to complete ‘simple’ learning tasks faster and easier. The #FutureEd movement and MOOC’s are bringing the idea that everything is able to be done on a higher scale with the advancement that more people would be able to participate and engage with “elite education”.

The use of technology in school has advanced throughout the years. Overall, technology has made our lives easier because it’s quick, easy, and effective. Tying it in with education can make things more exciting, on the contrary, it can be a distraction.


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