Tech Ed Assignment

Laptop U discusses the topic of MOOCs, which are college classes that you can take online. This article addresses both sides of the discussion, addressing the negatives and focusing on the positives. Heller talks about the fear people have that students will not be getting the education they would if they were in class. Then he brings in Nagy, a professor at Harvard, showing how a MOOC can be very educational with proper planning and direction. Also later in the article with King and other analysts, it discusses that MOOCs can implement many different teaching styles and how the online classes may best benifit from a part classroom, part computer style. Technology is playing is huge roll because it’s what is making the MOOCs possible. I personally think MOOCs are a good idea as long as the professor knows how to instruct a class and if it’s not all online.

Shop Class as Soulcraft, talks about the decrease in manual labor and the degeneration of respect of manual labor. Crawford discusses that how these knew technologies for learning take away the hands on experience. People who do manual labor learn to work with their hands and with different tools. With manual labor you also increase cognitive thinking of your brain. As technology increases these trades become less man, more machine, and more screw ups. I agree with this authors point that way to many things that are built, are controlled by a computer. The best way, I think, will always be to do it yourself.
Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom, talks about how a teacher used a program called “Quest to learn.” The teacher who created this was very experienced and used the technology of videogames, to bring in a new way to learn for his students. Children these days are more about the digital world, so teaching this way appeals to those students. Dolye’s experiments with different students of his showed that the effect of his teaching did have a positive outcome. Students become more patients when they use to be impatient. Also, students who were not very interested In education began to be. I think this topic could be controversial considering every person has a different way they learn best. This is a good idea for some people, but technology shouldn’t take over our whole education system. That would create no diversity in teaching, classes, and lessons.

As for the 2 blogging sites, has tax and twitter, I noticed that lots of people are very pro technology In education. They talk about how it is the future and is the best way of learning. My question would be to all the people who think it’s so great, if they have had any online classes. How to people know it will be so positive in our society having technology take over our education. Even though lots of people are for it, I am very skeptical about it. Though adopting this technology does sound good in some cases, i think it will further demishish the education level in the US. Our country is already dropping quickly on the educational scale, and I do not think the systems we are adaptin are helping. I still believe the best way to learn will always be the old fashion way. The bond you make with the teacher and just being around your peers is an influence you can never copy online. More people should be less onboard with the topic, and think about the possible negatives. Not everything can be positive and in America, people tend to believe things they hear without thinking.


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