The Future of Education

With the articles and various sites researched I believe that one of the focus questions is: ” Will education become digitalized and completely break away from in person classes?” Some of the complications faced are getting everyone on-board with the online classes and the pricing for these classes.

The internet is a HUGE contender when it comes to this role of technology in today’s educational systems. It is completely revolutionizing the classrooms, how teachers are teaching s, and even how students are learning.

I think that I agree with the online courses (like MOOCS) because it’s effective, efficient, practical, and CONVENIENT! This connivence is a huge deal to someone like me who works full time and wants to go further in life. It is an affordable way to get an education without feeling like your time is being wasted. Although I think it is a shame that technical classes not being taught anymore or fading out is sad. I do believe that those are important skills that can enhance someone’s life.


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