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While reading these articles, with views which were boarding black and white, I’ve noticed that we all tend to take technology for granted. For example, everyone has a phone, internet, T.V. and electricity. The whole society relies on this, and it is affecting us all for the better and worse. Enter a college classroom, in there , there would probably be 30-40 students, keep looking around and 10-15 of them are on their laptops, barely even paying attention to their lectures. The other 10, are texting on their phone, also barely paying attention. Imagine just 20 years ago, those students all would’ve paid attention to their professor because they’re obligated to.  


Laptop U is by Nathan Heller, in this article it depicts the future of our educational system with technology being added in. Want an education online? Go for it, actually why not get taught by a Nobel prize professor? Over here it shows you can take an online course from the world class universities. Any person make take these courses, and experience what it is like in a Harvard classroom. I personally agree with having online courses for education, it’s far more convenient, just as effective and it gets the work done. It’s almost the same as attending a lecture, you are still consuming the same information another student would have from a lecture. There are downsides, and one of them are dependencies. Students rarely go to the library to get a book and read, they just go on Google and find the top 3 results.  


Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom  

A teacher in New York uses video games to help reinforce her students. Now this is quite a shocking yet eccentric way of teaching, and personally, it is bound for failure. This teacher is making her students dependent on a video game to make sure they’re happy at school. This is proof of teachers giving up on their own students, this is ruining the education system, which took hundreds of years to build up. Video games should not be included in classrooms, why should something which was made 20 years ago take over the traditional education system? Yes, technology is going to make evident changes into our society, for the better or worse, but bringing video games in is downright unnecessary. School is for learning, bringing video games in as a “reward” system is not going to help education. Some of these teachers still taught their children well, but those children only worked to earn a ticket to play a video game, not to focus on their education.


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