Technology and Education

            The overall argument in the articles is that institutions have a concern of bringing technology into their education. Some professors in these institutions prefer the traditional teaching in classrooms. As for other professors, some argue that the use of technology used for their teaching may become even more effective and efficient, such as using powerpoints, online lectures, etc.  

In “Laptop U” by Nathan Heller, the author discusses and provides many examples of the pros and cons of using technology in education. Today it is possible to take MOOCs( “Massive open online course”) where there is access to lessons from the Ivy leagues such as Harvard. The MOOCs provides a higher education for students which allows students to who have trouble attending class may take the class during their own time at home.

In “Shop Class as Soulcraft” by Matthew B. Crawford, discusses that jobs that require people to work at factories or hard labor now have better jobs and opportunities. The idea that Crawford states is that schools, especially colleges guide people away from labor. Working in factories is an example of a labor job. As Crawford refers to labor jobs, “manual job” requires “Arts, Crafts and the Assembly Line. ” There are more opportunities for people to have a better life and a way to become educated to not work at manual jobs.

In “Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom” by Sara Corbett opens a new idea of teaching for children. Many children these days enjoy entertainment, especially playing on game consoles or computer games. Corbett opens the idea of using the source of entertainment to teach children so that they have a chance to be involved and have interest in learning.

I think it is too soon for technology to overtake education. The use of technology has to take step by step in order for it to be incorporated into education. Using technology itself to grade our homework or essays is not how I would like to be corrected. The computer won’t explain to me what exactly I did wrong; it will only mark it as correct or incorrect. So far I have only heard of classes being taken online but as for taking test, finals and midterms, those continue to be taken in person.


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