The Future of Education

In these articles, it discussed about how the technologies connect to our life and society. More and more people know how to use technologies to make our life more convenience, such as computer, internet and phone. Meanwhile, technologies are relative with education, and create new types of education.

In the article “Laptop U”, it is written by Nathan Heller. This article presents how the technologies change education in new way. The online courses like MOOCS has more space for students to attend courses. It breaks traditional education type that is restricted with capacity in a room, and also decreases fee.

“Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom” is written by Sara Corbett. This article also discuss about education change in specific way. The school uses modern technologies to let students learning knowledge. Teacher used technologies change students study attitude from engaging study to positive study. This type may not be accepted by everyone, but it still be a new teaching and try.


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