Technology and Education

The question that I was hoping to pursue is on how teachers and students will be able to form a relationship with the classroom environment being online. In my opinion, being able to communicate with teachers is something that has really been able to help me throughout my years in school. Asking questions and having conversations has helped me better understand what I am learning.

There are many different conversations that can be found online. Throughout the articles that I have read, I found a very common conversation which was on the failure of technology in the classroom. There can be issues such as not being able to afford the technology needed to advance the learning skills in a classroom. Another point is being able to stay updated with the new technology. Being able to have the new technology causes there to be a lot of tech waste and another question would be, what happens with all the waste?

Most articles consider what might happen in the long run of using technology in education. There’s this question about whether it will be worth it at the end. There is a lot of money and time being put into trying to make education better for everyone.


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